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Mon Enfant

The general style of this piece could be similar to some romantic post-modern, in the manner of Francis Poulenc.
The text expresses a lament from a mother whom her daughter abandoned and left without news. Like a letter to her child, the mother expresses her feelings of love, forgiveness, and suffering.
The piano part illuminates the sections of the melody in different ways each time.

Document: score, parts, lyrics – 15 pages

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Je Veux Etre un Homme

The character in this story addresses the Statue of Liberty in Paris to express his pain and say goodbye. Feeling rejected and that his freedom was compromised in this new French landscape, he decided to leave his country.

Document: score, parts, lyrics – 12 pages

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It is the story of the claim of a woman under a social or religious yoke, who dreams of having the same prerogatives as a man, without losing her femininity.

Document: score, parts, lyrics – 11 pages

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Une Chanson

A love story.

Document: score, parts, lyrics – 9 pages




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