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Harimon: Symbol of Israel – Multitude of projects and talents as grains in the unity of the fruit

Production / Distribution

I split the project into two separate entities.

The first, Harimon Production, for concert and album productions. The second, Harimon Record, concerns the placement of productions in film and media networks.

Music production company (stage – audio – video)

Harimon Production


In order to eliminate the uncertainty variable (number of entries), it is imperative that, from the outset, the entire production is covered by donors, sponsors, investors, co-productions with concert halls, institutional and cultural support, municipalities, and state bodies.


I think that from the beginning we should plan a series of concerts in different cities in Israel. This will have the advantage of more likely to interest all the investors and make the promotional investment more profitable. Also, a mini-tour will have more impact on the media and therefore the public.


Each concert would be professionally recorded (video and audio) in order to be broadcast on the Utreon site, equivalent to YouTube, but which allows for profitability via subscriptions from the public. Above all, it allows for the development of a community, which will enable us to expand the possibilities of promoting new self-produced artists. Of course, Utreon also allows for paid live-streaming.
A YouTube channel will run in parallel to Utreon, and will be used to promote the Utreon channel (trailers, interviews, etc.) in order to take advantage of the huge potential of this platform.

It should be noted that the platform requires the respect of copyright. It will therefore be necessary to be careful about the rights holders.

Label for distribution, affiliated with a Major Company

Harimon Record


The production of an album will allow us to approach labels or publishers linked to the audiovisual world.
The film world is a very good medium for promoting original music to a wide audience.
Moreover, an album is an essential product for the promotion and export of the concert.


A label is a small structure that signs a contract with a major company such as Warner Bross, Universal, Walt Disney, or Sony…
The label has to build up a network with audiovisual professionals (helped by the major), draw up artist contracts, and manage the accounts. There is no stock to manage.
He can also take care of promoting an album and distributing it via streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, etc.).
This requires a partnership with someone who would take responsibility for this.
The other option would be to be able to sign a contract directly with a Major, while simply remaining the producer of the audio. This solution would obviously be the simplest and most comfortable, and therefore the most profitable in the short term.


Music publishing is an important and very profitable item in the case of wide distribution (50% of royalties). One could assign the rights to an established publisher, but if one signs with a Major, they will want to sign a publishing contract in order to put the works in their catalogues. There is still the possibility of retroceding only part of the rights if we choose to set up a label.

Harimon Production

Staff required

Project Manager

  • Overall project supervision
  • Project consistency management
  • Development proposals
  • Artistic supervisor

Music Director

  • Musical direction
  • Selection of performers & musicians
  • International networking
  • Artists supervisor

Executive producer

  • Budgeting
  • In charge of finding investors, sponsors, subsidies (States, municipalities, organisations (Acum?)
  • Management of the budget
  • Marketing management

Stage Manager

Management :

  • Material
  • Setting the scene
  • Lighting
  • Sound
  • Videographer

Web Marketer

  • Web Marketing
  • Community manager (Facebook)
  • Management of video and audio streaming platforms
  • Website management
  • Ticketing

Press Officer

  • Press
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Editorial content
  • Image management


  • Poster
  • Press
  • Concert
  • Album Cover
  • Internet


  • Shooting
  • Video editing

Sound recordist

  • Sound recording
  • Mixing
  • Mastering

First project: Chamber music


Lyrical music

Mon Enfant Piano Soprano 5’50
Liberté Piano Soprano 4’00
Je veux être un homme Piano Soprano 4’00
Knowledge Piano Mezzo-soprano Viola 4’00
Une Chanson Piano Soprano 3’10


Une Promenade au Jardin des Plantes Violin I Violin II Viola Cello Clarinet B-Flat 5’00
Nigun Miron Beit Abu Violin I Violin II Viola Cello Clarinet B-Flat 2’30


George in Paris Flute Violin Cello Piano 8’00


It is not a Tear Piano 6’10
L’Histoire du Prince Charmant Flute 6’30
New Project Viola


Beyond Forgiveness Piano Violin Cello 21’00

Estimated duration

01:15 Only Music


Violin I Zvi Carmelli
Violin II Gabriel Chouraki?
Viola Zvi Carmelli + ???
Flute Rita D’Arcangelo? Organize a concert for her + a master class?
Clarinet B-flat
Total 8 musicians


Designation Estimated Budget Details
Rehearsal room
Musicians’ budget for rehearsals
Rental of concert halls
Musicians’ budget for concerts
Food and beverages
Narrator Presentation and narrative
Project Manager
Music Director
Executive producer
Stage Manager
Writer and translator
Press officer
Web marketing
Website, design, maintenance, hosting
Video editing
Sound recordist
Mixing & Mastering
Printing (Press kit, Posters, programs, flyers, sheet music)
Representation costs (restaurant, transport, invitations…)
Accountant, taxes, duties
External contractors (security, cashier, cleaning)
Studio recording
Musician’s budget for album
Lawyer for artist contracts

Second project: Symphonic work




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